Publish on google play

In this tutorial , you will learn how to publish android app on the app store. There are few steps before making the app live on the appstore.

1) Before making it live , check your code  before Android Publish.Android app developement company in india

a) Remove all the log , trace statement that you have written

b) In the androidmanifest.xml file, change the debug mode to false.
c) Setup the min-sdk version in your androidmanifest.xml file


2) Once you have fixed all the above items. The next part is to “use the export option” option.

Just follow the steps in the wizard.

1) It checks the name of the project.

2) Keystore selection: In this step you create the certfile and create password. (CREATE NEW KEYSTORE)

3) Store the cert file at some safe location and remember the password.

4) Write the details about the cert file (firstname, lastname, company name)

5) For validity , just put 25 years as the certfile is valid for 25 years.

6) Once all the information are there then , it asks for the location where the final apk file will be saved.

7) Browse the location and save the apk file there.

8) Finally your .apk file is created for android publish.


Make sure to store your cert file at safe location.

3) Once you have created the apk file, now in order to android publish, you have to create the graphics that will be

needed in order to publish your app on the marketplace. Just take some screenshot and have some highresolution images.

4) The final step is to publish your app on the

If you have already account on the market, you just need to sign in and then publish your app. There will be one form, in which you have to fill the details of the app and upload your apk file.

your are done with android publish.



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