Android Training in Chandigarh

Android app developement company in india

Android is one of the operating systems using by the smart phones. Android is not simply an operating system rather hardware and programming languages are also use this Android Technology. Google is offering an open choice for the users to modify and add any new application without even bring on the notice of Google. Anyone can upload a new application on the Android platform as App Store to either free or payable. We have expert professionals to provide Android training in chandigarh. These application uploads by the users can be easily download by the users and enjoy more features like additional games, interactive media and business plan.

Android technology is open to use by anyone who wants to develop applications as it promotes the user to add new ideas by using the programming code accessible by them. The flexibility of Android technology makes it more convenient to the operating system to have this as a base for smartphones. The only requirement is software development kit availability to bring any change in it.

Core Java, OOPs Concepts
Introduction to Android
Setting Android Development Environment
Creating Application & Activity
Creating User Interfaces
Intents, Broadcast Receivers,Adapters
Menus, Preferences
3D Graphics
Multi Touch
Databases and Content Providers
Working in Background
Advance Android Development
Project Work
Interview Preparation

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