Angular js Controller

In this part we will discuss about , how to define model , view and controller in Angular.

As you know that every angular js app starts with the directive ng-app. In the ng-app, we define the controller for the

app that will control the app.

1)Angular Js CONTROLLER:

Controllers are basically used to control the data in the angular js app. We use ng-controller to implement the controller

in the ng-app;

We use the script tags in order to write the controller functionality.

The above step declares the name of the controller using the ng-controller directive.

The main controller code is written below

The mylatestapp is defined in the div, and it declares the name of the controller that will control the data inside the

app. The “newcontroller” is the actual controller , that we define in script tag and will control its functionality.

Just like in javascript , we can write the code within the script tag and also reference to an external js file, we can do

the same in angular js also.

In the controller we can define our functions and those functions will be used to control the data.

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