I think the main strength of the upwork is your payment protection.

I have worked on many freelancer website like guru, elance, freelancer and upwork. All the website is good , but when it comes for payment, most of them are escrow based payment.

Now what is escrow payment , in escrow the payment is placed in a safe place , from where neither freelancer nor client can take the money.

Once the job is finished then client approves the payment and then the freelancer website approves and give the payment.

In case of good client it is seamless, but on these website nor every client is good, some are middle person , who have already taken the project and then allocates the project to a freelancer.

once the job is done, they say that they don’t like the work and don’t approve it.

Now what a freelancer can do?

  1. dispute : but again in dispute , the freelancer have to give all the fact about the project, and all the screenshot that he has done. Even if he has done everything , still if the client denies it. The freelancer is not paid.
  2. The other websites hourly work is also not safe. Every one does the work to get paid.
  3. For upwork it is very safe, as the hours are checked based upon work.
  4. If the work done is for the project the freelancer is paid.
  5. Even though the fees for upwork is 20% , in comparison to guru 8%, but still in terms of payment i feel upwork is better.

gst registration

Register for gst





In this tutorial I have tried to explain the simple process for gst registration. gst egistration is now very simple as you can apply for it online. You don’t need anyone help to register. In order to register for gst, you simply need to go to the gst website and go for the gst registration.


The registration is a two step process.

a) In the first part, you just have to put your legal name and pan number and some other information. You also need to put your valid email address and phone number.

  • Select New Registration
  • In the drop-down under I am a – select Taxpayer
  • Select State and District from the drop down
  • Enter the Name of Business and PAN of the business
  • Key in the Email Address and Mobile Number. The registered email id and mobile number will receive the OTPs.
  • Click on Proceed

b) The email and phone number entered in the first step will be used to send you OTP, in order to verify.

c)Once you complete the first step, you will be provided a TRN , this TRN number will be temporary and will be used in the next step.

d) In the next step you need to fill all the information related to your business. There are few number of steps that you need to fill, once you are done with this, then your gst registration is done.

Here is the list of documents you need to keep handy while applying for GST registration-

  • Photographs
  • Constitution of the taxpayer
  • Proof for the place of business
  • Bank account details
  • Authorization form

Youtube Seo

Video seo

Today youtube seo has become great source to increase your video views and get more subscribers  on your video.

Everyone tries to create a video and make it popular. In order to make any video popular , it is very important to have proper youtube seo. Using youtube seo you can make sure that your video is performing well on youtube.


In this tutorial I will try to explain the important steps that are required to make your video successful. This rule applies for any video seo that you do.

Below are the important points to be followed for any youtube seo:

1) Video Quality : Make sure that the quality of the video is very good. Youtube wants to give good quality video to its users so in youtube seo it is very important that your video is of good quality.

2) Audio Quality : The quality of the audio should also be good so that it is proper audible without any noise.

3) Video Length : The lenght of the video should be near to 10mins , it helps in increasing
the watch time of your video and getting good rank on youtube.

4) Proper title : In video seo the title of the video must have your keywords at the starting.

5) Description: Put your keyword in the description of the video in youtube. In youtube seo or video seo it is important that the keyword is present in the description.

6) Tags : Try to put as many tags as you can for the video. You can get tag hints from google search for any search you can find , at the bottom of the search, few number of similar keywords that you can use for tags. Try to put 20 tags for every video.

7) Keyword in audio: For successful video seo it is important that you should pronounce your keyword in your video, so that youtube can match the title with the content in the video,

8) Embed : To get more traffic, it is good to embed the video on your website.


Facebook page – my facebook page

In this facebook page video tutorial. I have tried to explain the steps for creating my facebook page. A facebook page is basically the medium to promote your products, your organization. My facebook page will allow you to have good audience to whom you can share your facebook page. Once you have a good audience you can create posts , you can post images of your product with proper information so that user can click on those images and get information about the facebook page.

Facebook page and fan page are same thing. The process is very simple:

  1. Once you are  logged in to your account.
  2. Click on create page menu on the top right menu
  3. It will open a  new page , where you can select the category of the page.
  4. Once you will select the category  and name of  the  facebook page.
  5. My facebook page shows all the  option .
  6. Once you will be there on the dashboard, the first thing is to update your cover image and portfolio  image on  my facebook page.
  7. Once your page is ready , try to get as many likes as you can.
  8. The likes for your facebook page will  be  your audience.
  9. Start posting on your page so that your audience are update.


Seo Tutorial

what is seo

What is Seo?

The first question that comes in  mind is what is seo. In this Seo tutorial I will explain why seo is important and how you can become an seo expert. SEO is a search engine optimization technique in which website is optimized as per the google algorithm. The most commonly asked question by every person is  What is SEO? 

In this SEO tutorial ,  I will explain the steps that is required for SEO.

  • Keyword Analysis
  • On page SEO
  • Off Page  SEO


  • Keyword Analysis :  This is the first step in doing seo. The keword for which you want your website to rank, you have to first decide first. Keyword analysis is  done using “google keyword planner”. In order to find the performance of  any keyword , it is the  best too. Using Keyword  planner you can put your  keywords  there, to check  Avg monthly searches and there competition.
  • What should you do?
  • Select Long tail keywords  with low competition and high search volume. Now the questions comes what are long tail keywords. The long tail keywords are the keywords in which the keyword length is  more. It is very difficult  to get ranking on short tail keyword than long tail keywords. In this Seo Tutorial you will learn how to do keyword research. Below is the  screenshot of the  keyword research/planner  tool.seo tutorial
  • Once the keyword research is done, Create an excel sheet and add all the keywords in the list along with all there information. In order to become an Seo Expert  it is very important to focus on this first step. Every SEO Expert  needs to do proper keyword research before doing any on page analysis.


2) In the second part of this SEO Tutorial , I will be explaining the main things that are required for successful on page optimization. The main points in On  page optimizations are

  1. Page Title optimization : Your main keyword must be in the page title. Try to put the keyword first in the page title after that you can use the company name or  any other  information. In  this article I will explain exactly what is seo for.
  2. Page URL optimization: Page  url is the url that you see on the top, it must be SEO friendly. In wordpress and other cms the keywords are automatically placed in the url based upon the title.
  3. Meta keywords : Put all your  keywords in your meta keyword tag.
  4. Meta description: This is very important tag, as the  description you will give will be shown in the search engine result. If you don’t have put any meta description, then search engine randomly takes this information. In this SEO Tutorial, I will explain how seo expert do all the important steps to make the  website seo friendly.
  5. Image ALT Tag: Alt tag is very important , it is very important to put your keywords in the alt tag  , so that search engine can index it.
  6. A href text: There is very important tag called a tag,  the text of the a tag is used by the  search engines. So try to put your important keywords in the A tag text.
  7. Headings tag  (h1,h2,h3) : Heading tags are very important, so in every article, post these headings  tag should be used. In this seo tutorial, I have used h1 tag  and  h2 tag. You can use only one h1  tag in one  post, but you can use  3-4 h2, h3 tags in a post.
  8. Page Content : The page content should be relevant and it must be  at least 300 words long.
  9. Keyword Placement: Try to put your keyword in the first paragraph . This seo tutorial is all about placing the keyword at right place.
  10. Keyword density: The keyword density should be not more than 2-3%. So if your total content on the post  is of 500 words so max 15 times you can use your keywords.
  11. On Page Optimization

Try to use the above tips given in this seo tutorial in order  to become an seo expert  and this will help you to understand better What is seo.


android publish

Publish on google play

In this tutorial , you will learn how to publish android app on the app store. There are few steps before making the app live on the appstore.

1) Before making it live , check your code  before Android Publish.Android app developement company in india

a) Remove all the log , trace statement that you have written

b) In the androidmanifest.xml file, change the debug mode to false.
c) Setup the min-sdk version in your androidmanifest.xml file


2) Once you have fixed all the above items. The next part is to “use the export option” option.

Just follow the steps in the wizard.

1) It checks the name of the project.

2) Keystore selection: In this step you create the certfile and create password. (CREATE NEW KEYSTORE)

3) Store the cert file at some safe location and remember the password.

4) Write the details about the cert file (firstname, lastname, company name)

5) For validity , just put 25 years as the certfile is valid for 25 years.

6) Once all the information are there then , it asks for the location where the final apk file will be saved.

7) Browse the location and save the apk file there.

8) Finally your .apk file is created for android publish.


Make sure to store your cert file at safe location.

3) Once you have created the apk file, now in order to android publish, you have to create the graphics that will be

needed in order to publish your app on the marketplace. Just take some screenshot and have some highresolution images.

4) The final step is to publish your app on the https://play.google.com/apps/publish/signup/

If you have already account on the market, you just need to sign in and then publish your app. There will be one form, in which you have to fill the details of the app and upload your apk file.

your are done with android publish.



Coffee Script


What is coffee script?

1) Coffescript is basically a language that is compiled into javascript.

2) Coffee script is now used in node.js

3) Coffee script is now used in ruby.
Why Coffescript?

Even though javacript has lot many things to offer in terms of functionality but there are few reasons , because of which coffee script language was created

1) The code that is writeen in javascript is not clean and easy to manage.

2) Normally , in some complex coding of javascript function there are chances that some parenthesis gets missed.

3) In terms of performance also , the coffescript code compiled in javascript has better performance.

4) The code in coffee script is more managed and clean.

5) The coding to complete a particular task is very less and fast.
All the coffee script code have .coffee extension and once compiled they are converted into javascript.

android sqlite tutorial

Android sqlite

In this tutorial we will discuss about the android sqlite. Android comes with sqlitedatabase to store and retrieve data. Android comes with SqliteDatase class that is used to manage all the database operations.

I will show you with simple example how to interact with database in android application.

First of all create a new activity. In the Main.java file , Add the following code
package com.tutorial.sqlite;
import android.app.Activity;

public class Main extends Activity


public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)

// Code to insert data in the database
SQLiteDatabase mydb=openOrCreateDatabase(“newdb”,MODE_PRIVATE,null);

mydb.execSQL(“Create table if not exists testtbl(first_name varchar,age int);”);

mydb.execSQL(“INSERT INTO testtbl values(‘john’,21)”);
//Code to retrieve data from the database

Cursor c=mydb.rawQuery(“select * from testtbl”,null);





Let us understand the code one by one.


SQLiteDatabase mydb=openOrCreateDatabase(“newdb”,MODE_PRIVATE,null);

The above line creates a database. The function “openOrCreateDatabase is basically used to, create a database if it does not exists. If the datbase exists , then it opens the database.

MODE_PRIVATE : It defines the access of the database. Since the access is private , so it can only be read by the current application.

Once this statement is executed, we will get the reference of the database in the db object.


mydb.execSQL(“Create table if not exists testtbl(first_name varchar,age int);”);

The above statement creates a new table with name “testtbl”, with two columns first_name and age.

mydb.execSQL(“INSERT INTO testtbl(‘john’.21);”);

it is basically used to insert the values in the android sqlite database. This android sqlite tutorial does not cover full sql commands.

Once the insertion of record is done , it is very important to close the database connection.


3) Retrieve data from datbase

In order to retrieve data from datbase we use Cursor. In this anroid sqlite tutorial, you will learn the cursor class.

Cursor c=mydb.rawQuery(” select * from testtbl”);

Now traverse the records from starting. So we have to move the cursor to start


The c.getString() , logs the value of “first_name” one by one from android sqlite. The android sqlite is fast and easy was to store and retrieve data .

You can show this data in textview, for testing purpose , in this android tutorial , i have displayed in log.
The final step in every sqlite interaction is to close the database.