Learn how to increase speed of website

  1. Minimize the number of HTTP requests
  2. Optimize and correctly display images
  3. Minify HTML, CSS, On ExpiresByType text/html M3600 ExpiresByType text/css M3600 ExpiresByType application/x-javascript M3600 ExpiresByType image/bmp M3600 ExpiresByType image/gif M3600 ExpiresByType image/x-icon M3600 ExpiresByType image/jpeg M3600 </IfModule>Again, the code above is for your .htaccess file on an Apache server. The corresponding settings in NGINX would look something like this:
    location ~* \.(jpg|png|gif|jpeg|css|js)$ { expires 1h; }

    The above steps are required to increase website speed in all kinds of website. The speed of website will increased by following these steps.

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