Node.js is an very powerful javascript framework. It is used to create web application which involves high volume of I/O operations.

  • nodejs is built on chrome javascript engine developed by google.
  • V8 is a google open source javascript engine.
  • V8 is written in c++.
  • Node.js is an runtime environment , that is basically used to create server side application.
  • All node.js applications are created in javascript and it runs in node.js runtime environment only.

Main advantage of Node.js over traditional javascript

1) The execution of the instructions is very fast.

2) All the calls to api is asynchronous. There is no wait , for getting the result. So there is no blocking and the code runs smoothly.

3) There is no buffering of data , so it makes the application in node.js very fast.

4) It is used to create server side application, which runs in node.js environment.

Now a days all the big companies are using the node.js platform , to make the webapplication fast and more responsive to the users.

Node.js is used for the application which are highly I/O bound, and which requires fast response from server. Like video conferencing application.

In node.js there is no buffering of the data so it makes it more fast, as the data is sent in chunks.

Let us start on some real programming in Node.js :


Installing node js:

Primary requirements in order to start the coding in node.js

Node.js environment :

All the programs written in node.js will require the node.js framework and runtime environment.

So in order to execute the code of node.js, you need framework + node.js runtime environment.

Download the node.js framework from the below url

Once you have downloaded, you can install the installer on your system. Please check (32 bit/64 bit) of you system , and install the correct one on your system.

First Program:

1) Open the editor, create a new file, and save as “first.js” .

2) Write the following code to test it

console.log(“hello this is my first program”);



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