Node.JS 10 Features :

  • NODE 10 is the latest release of Node.js
  • it is packed with new features
  • Node 10 was released April 24, 2018.

The important Features of Node.JS 10 are as follows :

  • Errors have now been standardized
  • It has consistent codes with a repeatable pattern.
  • It will help to resolve the error fast.
  • Previously they only contained a string message with no other identifier associated.
  • If a developer wanted the program to take actions based on a specific message,
  • the only option was to do a string comparison of the error content.

N-API Implementation

  • N-API was experimentally introduced in Node 8
  • N-API is no longer experimental
  • It is independent from the JavaScript runtime
  • and is maintained as part of Node.js itself 
  • Upgrading between Node versions will no longer cause concern for module breakage

Native Node HTTP/2 Features:

  • In node 10 it has great improvements.
  • HTTP/2 improves over the standard HTTP protocol
  • Important Features
  • Multiplexing
  • Single Connection
  • Server Push
  • Prioritization
  • Header Compression

NODE.JS 10 Performance :

  • Node is powered off the V8 JavaScript Engine used in Chromium,
  • and Node.js v10 comes equipped with the latest release.
  • Therefore, we can expect Node 10 to also realize a huge benefit in this area

NODE.JS 10 Has better support for ES Modules

  • Node has been using CommonJS (CJS) which is the require and module.exports syntax.
  • In 2015, a new module system was introduced known as ECMAScript Modules (ESM).
  • Node has been working toward its own implementation of the ESM spec.
  • Integration ESM into Node has not been an entirely smooth path since it does conflict with the current system.

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