What is React Native?

  • React native is the framework for building native mobile apps using javascript and react library.
  • It is used to create cross platform native apps (IOS/ANDROID)
  • React native basically uses all the concept of react.js in terms of implementing in the code.


REACT NATIVE Vs Hybrid apps


  • React native apps are different from hybrid apps
  • Hybrid apps run in webview.
  • Ionic , cordova, phonegap framework are used to create hybrid apps.
  • React Native apps are based upon native app concept just like objective c, swift.
  • Are made using building block concept so it is faster and safer as compared to hybrid apps.

Benefits of React Native

  • Apps using react native are faster.
  • Easier to code.
  • It uses javascript and react.js to make cross platform apps(android and ios)
  • Code once.
  • Open source library to make apps.

UI Elements In React Native

  • React native apps have look and feel of the native app as compared to hybrid app which have browser based app like look and feel.
  • Touchable Elements : Just like apps build in objective c.
  • List view
  • Scroll view
  • Alerts
  • Modals
  • Progress Bars
  • Status Bars
  • TabBarIOS (Exclusive for IOS)
  • ToolbarAndroid (Exclusive for Android)
  • Slider
  • TextInput
  • Switch



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