Learn how to create responsive webdesign to work on all platforms, mobile, tablets, web

Responsive Web Design is another important concept which can be called “planning”, but it has a name of its own because it is widely used nowadays. A few years back we didn’t need to think about mobile phones, tablets and different screens, because there were not too many of them – or not at all. Well, the IT world has changed since then and now there are a bunch of screen sizes and platforms designers need to deliver for. Responsive Web Design is the concept of a website which should adapt to fit any device that chooses to display it. Not only mobile devices, but also stationery computers and tablets.


This means old fixed-width layouts do not fit the new web anymore and the way we work needs to be changed. This is why, today,

logic to work this way

Just follow the above post to create responsive web design and make it working on all the platforms.

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