what is seo

What is Seo?

The first question that comes in  mind is what is seo. In this Seo tutorial I will explain why seo is important and how you can become an seo expert. SEO is a search engine optimization technique in which website is optimized as per the google algorithm. The most commonly asked question by every person is  What is SEO? 

In this SEO tutorial ,  I will explain the steps that is required for SEO.

  • Keyword Analysis
  • On page SEO
  • Off Page  SEO


    • Keyword Analysis :  This is the first step in doing seo. The keword for which you want your website to rank, you have to first decide first. Keyword analysis is  done using “google keyword planner”. In order to find the performance of  any keyword , it is the  best too. Using Keyword  planner you can put your  keywords  there, to check  Avg monthly searches and there competition.
    • What should you do?


  • Select Long tail keywords  with low competition and high search volume. Now the questions comes what are long tail keywords. The long tail keywords are the keywords in which the keyword length is  more. It is very difficult  to get ranking on short tail keyword than long tail keywords. In this Seo Tutorial you will learn how to do keyword research. Below is the  screenshot of the  keyword research/planner  tool.seo tutorial
  • Once the keyword research is done, Create an excel sheet and add all the keywords in the list along with all there information. In order to become an Seo Expert  it is very important to focus on this first step. Every SEO Expert  needs to do proper keyword research before doing any on page analysis.


2) In the second part of this SEO Tutorial , I will be explaining the main things that are required for successful on page optimization. The main points in On  page optimizations are

  1. Page Title optimization : Your main keyword must be in the page title. Try to put the keyword first in the page title after that you can use the company name or  any other  information. In  this article I will explain exactly what is seo for.
  2. Page URL optimization: Page  url is the url that you see on the top, it must be SEO friendly. In wordpress and other cms the keywords are automatically placed in the url based upon the title.
  3. Meta keywords : Put all your  keywords in your meta keyword tag.
  4. Meta description: This is very important tag, as the  description you will give will be shown in the search engine result. If you don’t have put any meta description, then search engine randomly takes this information. In this SEO Tutorial, I will explain how seo expert do all the important steps to make the  website seo friendly.
  5. Image ALT Tag: Alt tag is very important , it is very important to put your keywords in the alt tag  , so that search engine can index it.
  6. A href text: There is very important tag called a tag,  the text of the a tag is used by the  search engines. So try to put your important keywords in the A tag text.
  7. Headings tag  (h1,h2,h3) : Heading tags are very important, so in every article, post these headings  tag should be used. In this seo tutorial, I have used h1 tag  and  h2 tag. You can use only one h1  tag in one  post, but you can use  3-4 h2, h3 tags in a post.
  8. Page Content : The page content should be relevant and it must be  at least 300 words long.
  9. Keyword Placement: Try to put your keyword in the first paragraph . This seo tutorial is all about placing the keyword at right place.
  10. Keyword density: The keyword density should be not more than 2-3%. So if your total content on the post  is of 500 words so max 15 times you can use your keywords.
  11. On Page Optimization

Try to use the above tips given in this seo tutorial in order  to become an seo expert  and this will help you to understand better What is seo.


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