Video seo

Today youtube seo has become great source to increase your video views and get more subscribers  on your video.

Everyone tries to create a video and make it popular. In order to make any video popular , it is very important to have proper youtube seo. Using youtube seo you can make sure that your video is performing well on youtube.


In this tutorial I will try to explain the important steps that are required to make your video successful. This rule applies for any video seo that you do.

Below are the important points to be followed for any youtube seo:

1) Video Quality : Make sure that the quality of the video is very good. Youtube wants to give good quality video to its users so in youtube seo it is very important that your video is of good quality.

2) Audio Quality : The quality of the audio should also be good so that it is proper audible without any noise.

3) Video Length : The lenght of the video should be near to 10mins , it helps in increasing
the watch time of your video and getting good rank on youtube.

4) Proper title : In video seo the title of the video must have your keywords at the starting.

5) Description: Put your keyword in the description of the video in youtube. In youtube seo or video seo it is important that the keyword is present in the description.

6) Tags : Try to put as many tags as you can for the video. You can get tag hints from google search for any search you can find , at the bottom of the search, few number of similar keywords that you can use for tags. Try to put 20 tags for every video.

7) Keyword in audio: For successful video seo it is important that you should pronounce your keyword in your video, so that youtube can match the title with the content in the video,

8) Embed : To get more traffic, it is good to embed the video on your website.


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